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Embrace the Spirit of Lewistown: Must-Attend Events and Festivals

By Sarah Johnson, Posted on 14 Jun, 2023 at 07:39 am

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Embrace the Spirit of Lewistown: Must-Attend Events and Festivals


Lewistown, Montana, is not only known for its natural beauty but also for its vibrant community spirit. In this blog post, we will highlight the must-attend events and festivals that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere and rich cultural heritage of Lewistown.


Celebrating Local Culture

Lewistown hosts a variety of events throughout the year that celebrate the unique culture and heritage of the community. One such event is the Montana Winter Fair, held annually in January. This lively festival showcases traditional arts and crafts, livestock exhibits, and thrilling rodeo performances. Attendees can also enjoy live music, delicious local food, and a festive atmosphere that truly captures the spirit of Montana.

Another highlight on Lewistown's event calendar is the Chokecherry Festival, typically held in September. This beloved celebration pays homage to the chokecherry, a native fruit abundant in the region. Visitors can indulge in chokecherry-themed treats, browse through arts and crafts vendors, and enjoy live entertainment that ranges from music performances to traditional dances. It's a delightful event that brings the community together in a joyful celebration of local flavors and traditions.


Lively Music Performances

Lewistown is a hub for live music performances, offering an array of events throughout the year that cater to different musical tastes. The Central Montana Music Festival, held in the summer, showcases local and regional musicians across various genres, including country, folk, and rock. Bring a blanket or a chair, sit back, and enjoy the soul-stirring melodies against the backdrop of Lewistown's picturesque landscapes.

If you're a fan of classical music, the Fergus-Montana Chamber Music Society presents a series of concerts featuring talented musicians from across the country. Experience the beauty and sophistication of chamber music in intimate settings, where the music resonates and creates an unforgettable atmosphere.



Lewistown, Montana, is a city that knows how to celebrate and create lasting memories. By attending its must-attend events and festivals, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant community spirit and experience the rich cultural heritage of this lively city. From celebrations of local culture to lively music performances, Lewistown offers an array of events that will captivate your senses and leave you with cherished memories of your visit.

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